About Mohse

The Relentless Rhythm Master

Born Mohamad Hasan Khaleghi in Tehran, Mohse’s passion for the pulsating sounds of electronic music ignited from an early age. Inspired by legendary DJs like [timo maas  1], [joe danel]  he started DJ’ing vinyl sets at underground clubs in 2004, quickly making a name for himself with his flawless skills and unmatched energy.

It wasn’t long before Mohse was turning heads internationally with breakthrough performances at major festivals across Europe and Asia. His unique techno and progressive house fusion struck a chord, solidifying him as one of the most exhilarating new DJ/producer talents to emerge from Iran.

Over a decade later, Mohse has achieved global recognition as a true force of nature behind the decks and in the studio. Armed with an endless arsenal of driving basslines, hypnotic rhythms, and genre-blending sounds, he has shared stages with 

Mohse’s ability to seamlessly transcend cultural barriers makes him a unifying voice for the universal language of dance music. Don’t miss your chance to experience the relentless rhythm master in the flesh.